Ethanol- Solution or Problem?

What’s Ethanol? Ethanol is an alcohol-based alternative fuel produced from crops such as corn, barley, and wheat or from “cellulosic biomass” such as trees and grasses. Brazil and the US together account for nearly 70% of global ethanol production. Virtually all US ethanol requirements today are satisfied by domestic production. Today All gasoline vehicles are […]

How to use ethanol as alternative

Ethanol fuel is changing our lives and changing the economy in ways no one anticipated before, with energy costs rising every day, there has been an increased interest in ethanol fuel. Ethanol is a variety of alcohol that can be produced in a natural fashion, similar to the way in which alcoholic beverages are produced. […]

Is Ethanol Truly A Viable Option?

Most people recognize the simple fact that there is only a certain amount of oil reserves in the planet. And anything that is in limited supply is certain to run out sooner or later. Because all societies are so dependent on oil, if oil ran out before a sufficient alternative was created, there would be […]

The “cheap gas” that will replace high-priced petroleum?

High gas prices have been a thorn in the side of all drivers for the last few years, as they continue to steadily rise. That is why alternative fuels such as ethanol have gained so much attention during the same period. Some believe that it can be the savior of America’s energy policy, while others […]

Producing Ethanol From Corn Commercially

This second article by Absolute Futures will explain the commercial production of ethanol. Ethanol is a product of fermentation. Fermentation is a sequence of reactions which release energy from organic molecules in the absence of oxygen. In this application of fermentation, energy is obtained when sugar is changed to ethanol and carbon dioxide. Changing corn […]

Ethanol May Cause Increased Food Prices

Ethanol gas stations are popping up all over as more people become interested in running their cars on ethanol. Indeed, many people already use ethanol and don’t realize it because much gasoline today contains 5% ethanol. In some places such as in Minnesota, gas sold must contain 20% ethanol. Ethanol cars have been touted as […]

Crop-Driven Autos

Massive electrical power pressure on many of the countries inside the environment is caused by high oil charges not long ago. Several researchers all over the world are stepping up growth of new alternative power sources to meet the desire with the industry. Numerous nations have started to make utilization of agricultural methods to solve […]